I started writing this about being alone. And how lonely it can be chasing after dreams of making horses a career, of making this my livelihood. But it’s really not about being alone. It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people.

This small, exclusive group is the best support that you will ever have. Sometimes it’s parents, that one amazing friend, or that partner that deals with your craziness no matter the hour. No matter what they will always be there. And that’s hard to say about most people. You find that sometimes all you are just is someone that provides a service, and when you are used up, well, they will move on to the next. Or when you have to put the business first, which then puts the people that you considered friends back into the “just a client” category. It’s hard to cut those ties when we get attached to people and horses.

But this is something that I am continuing to learn how to process and adapt to myself…. That as we grow not everyone will stick around. It’s a hard life. Working basically two full time jobs doesn’t leave much time for anything else. But the people that are truly worth it will always be there. And it’s those people that make the real magic happen. They are the ones that help us fit the puzzle pieces together, to keep motivated even though it is late into the night and that 4:30AM alarm is going to come quick. It’s those people that I want in my corner. The friends and the family I can call as I am driving home from a show or the barn at 11:00PM at night, or a kind ear that listens to issues and provides that unbiased advice.

There are many people that I lean on. And to those of you, I am eternally grateful. Because without you, there is no way I would have made it this far and you make this journey far less lonely. Love you will all my heart.