2019 has been a roller-coaster of a year, that is the only way to describe it. Starting off with things that couldn’t be controlled, like mother nature. The whole season got off to a sluggish start after a winter that just could not let let go of its grip on the Midwest. Which lead to an abbreviated competition schedule and many obstacles to getting horses ready to go. But nonetheless, we hosted two successful clinics with Elisa Wallace, two schooling derbies, and countless lessons and outings and a sponsorship with County Saddlery.

In addition, this has been a big year for training and horse sales. Over the course of this year, 6 horses found new homes. Which in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t seem like a lot, but while still technically being “part-time” that is still quite a feat! One of those horses was my own personal horse Tex, though it was hard to let him go, he has the perfect home and a wonderful kid that adores him. Literally, could not ask for more!

This year we also welcomed a new addition, ChestfulofTreasure aka Evelyn, a coming 4 year-old off the track thoroughbred. She is such a sweetheart and we cannot wait to see where she wants to go! Right now, and for the next year she will spend her time growing and going all sorts of places.

There is also the addition of Hidden Confidence WRF aka Mac to the family. He is a wonderful coming 13 year-old off the track thoroughbred that has been produced by my dear friend Claire Saklar. We are planning on doing some fun stuff this year including playing at the Novice (and above???)

Without the support of some amazing people, I could not have gotten as far I have. The support of Pam Smith and County saddlery for getting my horses fitted with the best saddles and their backs feeling the best. For the support and guidance of Lou Ann Wulf and the entirety of my barn family. And especially to my parents and Collin for their unwaving support with this crazy horse business.

Looking forward into 2020, there is a lot on the horizon. Starting in the spring we will have 1 to 2 openings for training/consignment horses. Regular daily lessons at Wulf Run as well as bi-weekly/monthly lessons at Winds Reach Farm in Iowa City, and Oak Meadow Farm in Solon.