Horses in general are a gamble. If you are in the game long enough you have enough experiences to confirm this, and know even more people that have supporting evidence. Nothing about them is for sure.

One of those gambles is taking a horse from the track and retraining them. Over time, you can develop a good eye for finding horses that will prove to have good movement and athletic. And if you are even more lucky, you can learn the tricks, the ins and outs of the racetracks, and what to look for in a quality horse from someone that has had years of experience and successful restarted numerous racehorses, like Lou Ann Wulf. This woman has an amazing eye, and it is so educational to watch her move around the barns, around the horses feeling legs and tendons finding the next sporthorse prospect.

Even with 40 plus years, it is still a gamble of what the horse will be like when you get it home, or even in the weeks and months following. So when Lou Ann spotted a small, petite filly with strong Irish bloodlines, it is hard not to drop everything and run to the track. And what made it harder was actually not being able to go, but having to wait until this barely 3 year old filly made it back home. This filly was a Chestfulfotreasure, and she is the horse that I’m taking a gamble on. A complete unknown, a failure on the track.

So far I’m absolutely smitten with her. She is such a sweet and kind creature that still has so much to learn. And I am looking forward to taking the time to start my first baby like I’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s to you Evelyn. Here’s the support of my family and friends for their support in this journey.