Oh the dynamic roller coaster that is the weather in the Midwest… The best way to describe it is that you may encounter all four seasons in the matter of 24 hours. So hang onto your hats.

This spring has been no exception to this observation. And after one of the wettest and most miserable couple months, we are all crawling out of our skins to get out of the mud (horses included). It would also be fitting that the weather would go from that fitting of the Pacific Northwest to that of Death Valley in the matter of days. But hey, at least the ground should finally dry out enough that we can go for a trial ride or heaven forbid actually school cross country!

So this weekend while we are all baking out in the sun, remember that it is actually nice to see the sun and not need a poncho. Keeping that in mind, I will be hanging out at Catalpa Corners with a cooler full of ice to dunk my head into (planning on a kiddie pool full of ice for the next outing).